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A New Vision Plan for Your Clients

After you've reviewed medical, life, dental, and any other lines of business your client is interested in, you have two minutes left to talk about vision. CEC's simplicity makes the plan easy for your clients to understand and for their employees to use. In today's world of complexity, CEC's simplicity the way vision should be.

Community Eye Care

Why add CEC to your portfolio? 


CEC’s plan design is unique and different from the traditional vision plans you are used to offering your clients. Employer groups love the ability to offer an affordable, easy-to-use plan to their employees as a component of their wellness initiatives. 

Community Eye Care

What is so simple about CEC's plans? 


Enrolled members get a routine eye exam and an eyewear allowance every year. A typical CEC plan includes a $0-$25 co-pay for an exam and an eyewear allowance that typically ranges from $100-$400. Members use the allowance to purchase anything sold in an optical shop. They can purchase frames, lenses, contact lenses, and any other options all in the same plan year. Also, they can use their allowance for non-prescription lenses such as sunglasses, blue-light blocking glasses, reading glasses, or safety glasses. 

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I have been representing Community Eye Care to groups for over 12 years as a broker.  Working with CEC has been nothing short of a pleasure.  They always do an excellent job helping me with any issues I have and always in a professional and friendly manner.  I am comforted in knowing that my clients are well taken care of."

Bryan H