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We believe that all members should be able to use their vision benefit.
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Simplicity and Flexibility

Since 1998, CEC has offered the simplest plan in the vision industry, focused on ensuring everyone can get the eyecare they need. The simplicity and flexibility of CEC makes our vision plan the optimal choice for all industries. From healthcare, to manufacturing, to retail, our plan fits all employers.

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Our eyewear allowance is what distinguishes us from traditional vision plans. All members can use the allowance to purchase lenses, frames, contact lenses, special lens options, and non-prescription in the same plan year.

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I have been representing Community Eye Care to groups for over 10 years as a broker with Group Benefit Solutions. Working with CEC has been nothing short of a pleasure. They always do an excellent job helping me with any issues I have and always in a professional and friendly manner. I am comforted in knowing that my clients are well taken care of."

Bryan Hough, Benefits Advisor
Group Benefit Solutions, Inc.